AUGMENTED REALITY a.k.a. Interactive Print works to bring in more interest, immediate sales, bookings and business!


Cheryl Silverstein's singing biz cards Cheryl Silverstein is among the first local singers to use the emerging technology, augmented reality (AR), aka Clickable Print, to further her business by creating singing business cards!  When Cheryl gives out one of her business cards.. the recipient can view the video to hear Cheryl’s demo really immediately… no ugly QR codes or lengthy URLs to remember or type.

With a simple tap of the app on a smart phone, Cheryl can be viewed, heard, added to contacts, called,  booked and more.  The possibilities are virtually endless.  Depending on which AR app is used… you can easily and affordably add several call-to-action buttons as well as video(s) to your business cards, ads, or mailers.  It not just a cool technology, it converts!  The click throughs and views are all trackable…even geo-trackable!

Even the ‘add to contacts’ button works seamlessly, so, in theory, as she hands the card to a prospective venue or fan, they can listen to her and add her to contacts right way…Cheryl might never have to actually give her card out!  This technology paves the way to society’s total elimination of the phrase and excuse… “sorry, I lost your card”!

Case Studies show the results are more appointments, more test drive requests, more website visits, more follows/likes…more bookings for singers like Cheryl!

For more information on how this works and get talking, singing or interactive business cards of your own visit  or   Call 888 626 2WIN (2946) for your Winning interactive campaign.


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